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Dr Oz's Tweet Linking Astrology To Health Is Exactly Why We Can't Have Nice Things

The accompanying text? “An Aries can tend to ‘ram or dive in to things head first.’ When an Aries feels blocked, this pent-up energy may appear in the form of migraines, sinus issues, or even jaw tension.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t have nice things. Update: The tweet was deleted some time on the morning of July 7, but fortunately we took a screenshot of it: A screenshot of the since-deleted tweet. Twitter Now, if you’re here, we probably don’t have to tell you that astrology is total bullshit. We can’t even count all the ways in which it’s bullshit. Thanks to the wobble of Earth on its rotational axis, by the way, it’s not even “accurate” within its own parameters – all the star signs are a month out . The entire premise reveals as much about you and your health as do the randomized patterns and shapes of your dog’s poop. Although one might hope this is a joke, Dr Oz’s sketchy history suggests otherwise. As noted by several places – including This Week Tonight’s John Oliver – Dr Oz peddles alternative medicines and healthcare products with spurious and unfounded claims. Gizmodo reminded us that he was recently summoned before a Congressional hearing, where he had to explain under oath why he was endorsing and promoting products not backed by scientific evidence.

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