Saturday, June 23, 2018

Straightforward Guidelines For Crucial Issues Of Textile Testing Methods

Some Basic Questions For Deciding On Critical Elements Of

A textile for all seasons

They guarantee 365 days of work to their weavers. The profits are equitably distributed. They are working with co-operatives. We don't want to let this industry die; especially that of handwoven khadi.” Latha Tummuru, who is organizing the event, works with Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association, which works with 22 cooperatives and over 500 weavers across 22 villages in seven districts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. For her, the importance of the exhibit is in promoting hand woven cloth to the urban customer. “We believe that these people are already skilled. We just need to provide them with employment so that they can use their skills sitting in the village. Otherwise, they migrate to cities and become unskilled. Our organisation intervenes to make sure products come in the form that people can use. The innovations are in the fabric and the dupattas.

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